The different types of Websites

Créer votre site web au maroc

A website makes it possible to convey as much information about your business as possible at a lower cost. Among the different types of existing websites you will necessarily find the one that will meet your expectations, but which one to choose?

Corporate website:
As the name suggests, a showcase site is there to expose your business on the web. It can be composed of several pages and gives the user all kinds of information about your company: your products, your services, your contact information and possibly some additional functions such as a “news” section, a photo gallery or a contact form or quote request form. This type of site is used to occupy the digital terrain but it will certainly be coupled with other services such as a blog or newsletter to be really effective and more visible on the web.

Website Catalog:
You offer your users a catalog available 24/7, dynamic, accurate and always up to date. First step before e-commerce, the catalog site offers you real opportunities.
Our catalog sites are made to your image and according to your needs. An administration interface allows you to update your content with ease.

E-Commerce website:
You want to sell your products on the internet and expose them to the largest number of customers? An e-commerce site is your solution.
Become today, an indispensable tool for any commercial company wishing to market these products to the largest number of customers.
An e-commerce site allows you to reach a wide audience, to stand out from the competition, and thus bring your authentic added value, while helping you to manage your online store.

Editorial Site:
You want to propose to a specific audience the possibility of informing, discovering and obtaining information on one or more specific subjects while offering them high added value content and the possibility of carrying out various actions of the registration type or not, management of categories, articles, authors, privileges, comments … the editorial site is for you.
Combine a SEO strategy and make your site a powerful and quality tool.

Event Website:
You plan to participate in a show, to release a new product, to organize a particular event. For this, you need to make it known quickly and to allow interested persons to register to participate.
This type of site is usually resuscitated and relives each edition. However, they need to be graphically attractive and thoughtful to have maximum marketing impact.

Take advantage of the experience of ReWeb agency to provide you with a fully adapted site.

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